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Latest Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

The new Latest Cyber Threats section on lists the most dangerous and impacting threats currently known. We use multiple CVE sources to create the list, which we then consolidate and categorize. Our algorithm searches for threats with high risk and impact so that only the really relevant vulnerabilities are shown.

### USED METHOLOGY We use JSON-based CVE sources as raw data for our report. As new threats or updates for current threats become known, the data is automatically updated with the latest information. Our algorithm filters out less important vulnerabilities with a CVSSV3 (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) value below 4.0.
The remaining threats are then sorted by date and checked for validity and integrity. The final step is to sort all threats into unique categories, link the corresponding CVE statistics, and generate the HTML report. ### LATEST REPORT **Click on Latest Cyber Threats to view the latest vulnerability report.**

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